Texas Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT) wins more national honors

AUSTIN, Texas—The General Libraries Texas Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT) has been chosen to receive the Association of College and Research Libraries annual "Innovation in Instruction" Award. The award, presented by ACRL's Instruction Section, honors librarians who have developed and implemented innovative approaches to instruction.

TILT, a modular, Web-based tool designed to teach undergraduates fundamental research skills, covers the selection of appropriate information sources; effective searching of library databases and the Internet; and the location, evaluation and citation of information. In each module students learn concepts and practice them through interactions. At the conclusion of each module, students can test their comprehension and receive immediate feedback. The tool, cross-browser and cross platform compatible and available to anyone, now is being used in libraries across the United States.

TILT was developed by the General Libraries Digital Information Literacy Office and created with financial support from the UT System Digital Library initiative. Elizabeth Dupuis has served as head librarian of the Undergraduate Library-based Digital Information Literacy Office (DILO) since 1995. Other staff contributing to the successful development of TILT included Content Leader Clara Fowler and Web Designer Brent Simpson. The three developers presented a session titled "Avoiding Culture Shock: Strategies for Successful Partnerships in Library Instruction" at the 1999 LOEX Conference in Houston.

Madeline A. Copp, chair of the ACRL awards committee, described TILT as "the current model for interactive, Web-based tutorials." She said the award selection committee was impressed with TILT because it can be used by many other libraries; it successfully allows for transferability of research and critical thinking skills; and it provides a truly interactive and personalized learning environment, along with appropriate use of graphics and humor designed for its target audience.

"TILT moves into the digital world the instructional strategies for library and information literacy that our talented staff has routinely provided for thousands of students in our physical environment," said Harold Billings, director of General Libraries. "Tool-sharing is an important responsibility for libraries in this digital era."

TILT also has been highlighted in the ACRL Internet Education Project and received the award for "Best Educational Site" at the 1999 South by Southwest Interactive Web Competition. This most recent award will be presented at the ACRL Instruction Section dinner on July 7, during the American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago.