University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing named 'Best School of Nursing for Men'

AUSTIN, Texas—The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing has received the “2005 Best School or College of Nursing for Men Award” from the American Assembly for Men in Nursing for significant efforts in recruiting and retaining men in nursing.

The award also recognizes the school for providing men a supportive educational environment and for educating faculty, students and the community about the contributions men make in the nursing profession.

The School of Nursing has made progress in recruiting male students in both its undergraduate and graduate programs. The number of undergraduate male students increased from 40 in fall of 2000 to 68 in fall 2005. The number of male students in graduate programs increased from 18 in fall of 2000 to 26 in fall 2005.

Dean Dolores Sands said the School of Nursing recognizes the need for a diverse nursing work force and is committed to developing nurse clinicians and leaders “who will be able to meet the challenges and changing needs of health care in our diverse society. Our men in nursing, who make up an increasingly large part of our student enrollment, are prepared to meet this challenge.”

“Half our population is male and, yet, men historically have represented less than 10 percent of the profession of nursing,” said Dr. Graham McDougall, professor of nursing. “As we try and alleviate the general nursing shortages, we also are trying to better mirror the general population by increasing the diversity of the profession. Males are realizing the potentials of this career option.”

Recognition of the award will take place next October at the American Assembly of Men in Nursing annual conference in Portland, Ore.

For more information contact: Nancy Neff, School of Nursing, 512-471-6504.