Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture Receives Accreditation from LAAB

AUSTIN, Texas—The graduate program in Landscape Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin has been awarded accreditation by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB).

The LAAB accreditation process evaluates programs to insure that they meet the rigorous educational standards of the profession. Because the accreditation was awarded within a year of the program's first graduating class, former graduates are entitled to seek professional licensure in landscape architecture.

"Accreditation marks a major milestone in the evolution of our fledgling landscape architecture program," said Fritz Steiner, dean of the School of Architecture. "It is a result of the hard work by many School of Architecture faculty as well as the strong support from The University of Texas at Austin administration."

The program admitted its first students in May 2003. The program has graduated 15 students who are working in Texas and across the country. In its short lifespan, the program has already begun to achieve national recognition for the quality of its graduates, who are recruited nationally.

"In the relatively short time frame since its inception, the program has grown into a significant base for landscape architectural discourse," said Dean Almy, director of the graduate program in Landscape Architecture.

View the 2005-07 prospectus of the School of Architecture's Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture (PDF).

For more information contact: Amy Maverick Crossette, School of Architecture, 512-573-1078.