Three Professors Elected Members of National Academy of Engineering

AUSTIN, Texas—Two computer science professors and a professor of engineering have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), widely considered among the highest honors to be earned in the engineering and technology professions.

Dr. Stelios Kyriakides, the Temple Foundation Endowed Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, was elected for his “contributions to understanding of propagating instability phenomena in structures and materials and its use for technological applications.” He has studied the initiation, propagation and arrest of collapse in offshore pipelines used in the oil and gas industry.

Dr. Simon Lam, the Regents Chair in Computer Sciences in the Department of Computer Sciences, was elected for his “contributions to computer network protocols and network security services.” He has won previous awards for inventing secure sockets for securing Internet applications and prototyping the first secure sockets layer.

Dr. J Strother Moore, the Admiral B.R. Inman Centennial Chair in Computing Theory in the Department of Computer Sciences, was elected for his “contributions to automated reasoning about computing systems.” He is co-developer of the Boyer-Moore Theorem Prover, which is used by computer scientists to verify that computer systems are functioning correctly.

The NAE serves as an advisory board to federal government departments and agencies, to examine and report on any engineering topics of interest to the government. It also conducts independent studies to analyze important topics in engineering and technology.

The University of Texas at Austin now has 32 NAE members and boasts the second highest number of NAE members on its faculty among public universities.

For more information contact: Lee Clippard, College of Natural Sciences, 512-232-0675; Becky Rische, College of Engineering, 512-471-7272.