Political science prof in N.Y. Times

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison does not intend to seek re-election when her term expires in 2012 and may step down as early as 2009, possibly to run for governor, she says in an interview with Texas Monthly. "Well, I have been talking to people quietly about what I hope I can do, what I'd like to be able to do," Ms. Hutchison told the magazine, according to excerpts posted on the magazine's Web site. "I haven't made a commitment in any way because it's just too early it's too early to be gearing up. I don't want to peak in 2007 for a 2010 race." A professor of political science at the University of Texas, Austin, Bruce Buchanan, said: "I think she's always wanted to come back to Texas. She would rather be governor of Texas, and chief executive officer of the state, rather than one of a hundred."

The New York Times
Texas Senator Doesn't Plan to Seek Re-election
(Oct. 17)