World Premiere of New Version of Maurice Ravel's "Piano Trio" to Be Webcast

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: In the Harry Ransom Center's second "Music From the Collections" event, pianist Richard Dowling discusses and performs French composer Maurice Ravel's "Trio for piano, violin and cello." This world premiere of the new version of "Piano Trio" will be webcast at

When: 7 p.m., Nov. 18.

Where: Jessen Auditorium, Homer Rainey Hall at The University of Texas at Austin, 21st St. and University Ave.

Background: Maurice Ravel's original 1914 manuscript of the "Trio" is part of the Carlton Lake French collection at the Harry Ransom Center. Pianist Richard Dowling recently published a new critical performing edition of the work, correcting printing errors in the 1915 French edition and restoring Ravel's original compositional intentions based on the manuscript at the Ransom Center.

Dowling's lecture explores the history of Ravel's "Trio" and demonstrates some surprising differences he discovered between the 1915 French edition and Ravel's 1914 manuscript. After the lecture, Dowling will perform the complete, newly restored version of the "Trio" with Miró String Quartet first violinist Daniel Ching and cellist Amy Levine Tsang of the Laurel Piano Trio. This is the first time this version of "Trio" has been performed.

Seating is free, but limited.