Professor Helps Chronicle the Lives of U.S. Latinos

Gus Hernandez and his family spent two nights sleeping in their car before Siddiqi Hansoti gave them three weeks' stay in his motel and then, even better, a job. Hernandez and Hansoti shared their story with public radio's StoryCorps, which has been capturing moments of American life since 2003 and archiving them at the Library of Congress. "It's really important for Latinos to be fully represented in our country and this is just one way for Latinos to be fully represented," said Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, a University of Texas at Austin professor who has been recording the oral histories of Latino veterans for a decade. Rivas-Rodriguez's U.S. Latino and Latina World War II Oral History Project is a partner in the project.

New Project Seeks U.S. Latinos' Oral Histories


Sept. 24