Harry Ransom Center's "Script to Screen" Shares Online Content Relating to "Making Movies" Exhibition

Event: In anticipation of the opening of its exhibition "Making Movies," the Harry Ransom Center introduces "Script to Screen," featuring online content that highlights the collaborative processes that take place behind the scenes in filmmaking.

Script to Screen

When: Begins Jan. 25.

Where: Online at "Script to Screen."

Background: The Ransom Center will be sharing unique content related to the exhibition every day during the campaign through its social media channels on its Cultural Compass blog, Twitter and Facebook. Each day, the Ransom Center will highlight an item from a different section of the exhibition, which is organized by filmmaking jobs (director, producer, cinematographer and more) and by iconic film scenes with materials that show how those scenes were created. The campaign will run just over three weeks.

Some "Script to Screen" highlights will include the following:

  • Audio of Alfred Hitchcock and Ernest Lehman
  • Makeup photos from "Gone With The Wind"
  • Photos of Mount Rushmore taken by Ernest Lehman while researching for "North By Northwest"
  • Video preview of the exhibition

"Making Movies" opens Feb. 9 and runs through Aug. 1. Featuring items from the Ransom Center's extensive film collections, the exhibition reveals the collaborative nature of the filmmaking process and focuses on how the artists involved--from writers to directors, actors to cinematographers--transform the written word into moving image.

Highlights include original scripts, storyboards, production photos and call sheets, in addition to screenplays from "The Third Man," "North by Northwest" and "Shakespeare in Love" and costumes from "Gone With The Wind," "An Affair to Remember" and "Taxi Driver."