Photographer's work portrays Jewish life in Eastern Europe today

Photo of a man from Loli Kantor

The Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies is hosting photographer Loli Kantor for a slideshow presentation and lecture about her exhibit "There Was a Forest." Kantor's exhibit documents the disappearing Holocaust survivors and their lives in Eastern Europe through photographs.

"Her subject matter is really close to the heart of Jewish communities," said Robert Abzug, historian of the Holocaust and director of the Schusterman Center. "And a big part of our mission is not only providing curriculum and helping research, but also to provide public programs that highlight Jewish culture and history, and that could be fine arts, music or more."

Kantor's project reflects on the efforts of remnant communities post-Holocaust trying to preserve their Jewish identity. The photographs in this series were created primarily throughout Poland and Ukraine.

"She is just as eloquent as her photographs are," Abzug said. "Being able to do documentary photography that is also fine arts photography -- she does it with high aesthetic and artistic values. People are compelled by the pictures, and also by her autobiography -- how she got to a place in her life where she actually wanted to do this project."

Kantor's presentation will be in the Prothro Auditorium at the Harry Ransom Center on Feb. 3, at 7 p.m. Visit the Know Events calendar for more information.

Kantor's photo exhibit is on display through Feb. 27 at L. Nowlin Gallery.