Texas Exes Unveil List of 125 Extraordinary Exes to Celebrate 125 Years

The Texas Exes, the alumni association for The University of Texas at Austin, unveiled its list of 125 Extraordinary Exes to mark the 125th anniversary of the organization.

The Extraordinary Exes are included on a new Web site celebrating the association's history.

The list highlights a diverse group of alumni, and the public is encouraged to add to it at www.texasexes.org/125. Achievements of 125 of the most amazing people who have attended The University of Texas at Austin can be found by category on the site. Names such as Vince Young, Michael Dell and Renée Zellweger will be familiar to most, but others belong to less-famous achievers who have embodied the university's motto of "What Starts Here Changes the World" by applying what they learned on campus to make a lasting impact on society.

"With over 400,000 alumni there are far more than 125 who have been extraordinary," said Jim Boon, executive director and CEO of the Texas Exes. "We hope this site will encourage alumni and friends to add their own suggestions to the list, so that by the end of the year we can celebrate the many ways our alumni have changed the world."

The 125 alumni whose names are on the list represent a small fraction of the extraordinary alumni of the university. Submissions to the list are being taken from the public. For the purposes of this list, alumni are defined as those who attended The University of Texas at Austin for at least one semester. The list will also be featured in the upcoming issue of The Alcalde, the magazine of the Texas Exes.

Also included on the Web site is information about the Texas Exes Smart Car Raffle, which will benefit the newly created Student Opportunity Endowment. This endowment will allow students to pursue opportunities such as studying abroad, presenting papers and research at conferences, working as unpaid interns, participating in national competitions and engaging in academic, volunteer or community service communities. Raffle tickets for the one-of-kind burnt orange Smart car, which will be given away during the last Texas Exes home game tailgate party on Thanksgiving Day, are on sale now at www.texasexes.org/125.

The Texas Exes was founded in 1885. The mission of the Texas Exes is to unite, inform and involve alumni and friends for the purpose of promoting, protecting and preserving The University of Texas at Austin. Today there are about 90,000 members whom the association strives to connect to each other and to the past, present and future of the university through career counseling, travel, reunions, continuing education, fellowship, legislative advocacy in support of higher education and The Alcalde magazine.

For more information on Texas Exes or to become a member, visit www.TexasExes.org.