Mexican immigrants and the impact their departure has on Mexico

In this fifth installment of the "Border Views" video series, educational psychology Professor Ricardo Ainslie discusses the psychological factors that have contributed to support for the Arizona immigration law, Mexican immigrants and the impact their departure has on Mexico, and how an ethnic shift in a West Texas town has created conflict and offered lessons.

Ainslie studies the effects of ethnic conflicts on communities and the psychological experiences of immigrants. He produced the documentary "Ya Basta! Kidnapped in Mexico," which investigates a wave of kidnappings and violent crime that has plagued Mexico during the past decade.

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About the video series

As Americans continue to debate immigration reform, border enforcement and Arizona's recent legislation, experts from The University of Texas at Austin are offering their viewpoints on these issues through a series of online videos.

Each week, "Border Views" will showcase a different faculty member discussing such topics as the history of illegal immigration, the pros and cons of the Arizona law, the unusual political alliances that have developed around this debate and the media's role in covering it.

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