Graduate School Releases Book Celebrating 100-Year Anniversary

In celebration of the 2010 centennial anniversary of the Graduate School at The University of Texas at Austin, a hardcover book commemorating the anniversary has been published by new University of Texas Press imprint, Tower Books.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will support graduate students at the university.

"Since 1910, more than 125,000 individuals have earned a master's or doctoral degree in more than one hundred programs across campus," says Victoria Rodríguez, vice president and dean of graduate studies. "Yet the story of the Graduate School is not a collection of dates, offices, buildings, numbers of graduates, or national rankings of its degree programs. It is the story of those men and women who pursued their dreams and earned the highest degrees academia offers.

"Graduate school is a time of discovering new knowledge and training for future achievement while inspiring undergraduates and working alongside the finest faculty. Graduate students design research projects and develop new ideas that, in time, go on to change the world."

This book tells the story of just a few of these graduates who have, in large and small ways, left their mark on the university and the world. But they are representative of many more alumni.

Kathleen Mabley, editor of the book, is the director of communications for the Graduate School at The University of Texas at Austin, where she raises awareness of the value and impact of graduate education.

More information about the commemorative book is available online.