University Reaches Out to Business Audience With New Online Publication, Texas Enterprise

Texas Enterprise, a new online publication from The University of Texas at Austin that features research insights and expert opinions touching on national and global business and public policy issues, is part of an ongoing effort to make the university's intellectual capital more accessible and relevant to the outside world.

"As a strategic priority, we sought to make it easier for people outside the university to access the consequential business knowledge and discussions thriving here," said Thomas W. Gilligan, dean of the McCombs School of Business, an early supporter of the Texas Enterprise project. "Texas Enterprise is designed to share these 'aha moments' with an ever-growing audience that turns to the Internet for news and informative discussions."

The site covers a range of topics, from innovation and leadership, to workplace, finance and policy. A four-part series entitled "Greed: Is It Still Good?" was highlighted in the opening week of the publication, featuring interviews with faculty members who specialize in ethics, finance, executive compensation and behavioral economics.

"Our job is to identify the challenges facing people in the business world today, and then draw upon diverse expertise from across the campus to lend valuable perspective," said Renee Hopkins, Texas Enterprise senior editor. "We are also gathering some of the best insights from other schools and publications, so our visitors get a truly broad view of the big ideas in business."

A key element of the site is the Texas Enterprise blogger community, in which business professionals and policy experts contribute articles related to their expertise in commerce, government or the nonprofit world.

"I'm very pleased to see us tapping the knowledge resources of our alumni and business peers, creating a collaborative network with exciting potential for driving economic, social and cultural progress," Gilligan said.