ExxonMobil Gives $976,867 Donation to The University of Texas at Austin

ExxonMobil has given $976,867 to The University of Texas at Austin as a 3-to-1 match of gifts made by the company's employees and retirees in the past calendar year.

Last year, 406 gifts ranging in size from $19 to $7,500, were matched.

"This generous 3-to-1 match is a timely investment in UT Austin," said Mark Blount, the university's director of corporate relations. "It also underscores the breadth of our support from individuals, in this case alumni and friends who are ExxonMobil employees and retirees."

Most of the $976,867 donation benefits students and programs in business, engineering and geosciences, reflecting the primary academic background of ExxonMobil's personnel. Funds also were directed to other areas, ranging from fine arts to medical research.

"ExxonMobil has a long history of strong support for UT Austin," said Steven W. Leslie, the university's executive vice president and provost. "This wonderful gift is deeply appreciated -- and particularly important now in these difficult financial times."

With total cumulative giving of $44.6 million, ExxonMobil is the university's most generous corporate partner. The company has also made about $15 million in research grants to the institution.

Rex W. Tillerson, ExxonMobil's chairman and chief executive officer, is a University of Texas at Austin graduate with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. Many other executives and employees are also alumni.