NCAA Releases Report on Student-athlete Academic Progress at The University of Texas at Austin

Athletic programs at The University of Texas at Austin once again have their annual set of data to prove the Longhorns are advancing toward their ultimate goal -- to graduate all student-athletes.

The university surpassed the required NCAA standard in all sports, according to the multi-year NCAA Division I Academic Progress Rate (APR) released on Tuesday (May 24).

Last week, nine University of Texas at Austin teams (baseball, men's basketball, men's golf, men's tennis, women's golf, women's indoor track and field, women's outdoor track and field, softball and women's tennis) received public recognition awards for their latest APR.

The APR provides a real-time look at a team's academic success by tracking the academic progress of each student-athlete during the school year. The APR accounts for eligibility, retention and graduation in the calculation and provides a measure of each team's academic performance.

This APR is based on data submitted by the institution for the 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10 academic years.

The University of Texas at Austin Academic Progress Rate

Men's Programs: Multi-year APR

  • Baseball: 998
  • Basketball: 1,000
  • Cross Country: 976
  • Football: 941
  • Golf: 1,000
  • Swimming and Diving: 985
  • Tennis: 1,000
  • Track, Indoor: 988
  • Track, Outdoor: 988

Women's Programs: Multi-year APR

  • Basketball: 964
  • Cross Country: 976
  • Golf: 1,000
  • Rowing: 991
  • Soccer: 991
  • Softball: 994
  • Swimming and Diving: 989
  • Tennis: 1,000
  • Track, Indoor: 994
  • Track, Outdoor: 994
  • Volleyball: 989