Tech Industry Companies to Support June 13 Health Privacy Summit in D.C.

Organizers of the upcoming Health Privacy Summit, "Getting IT Right: Protecting Patient Privacy in a Wired World" scheduled for June 13 in Washington D.C., today announced seven leading technology industry sponsors of the day-long conference: Microsoft; Jericho Systems; Oracle; Dell; ID Experts; Vir-Sec, and e-MDs Inc.

These lead sponsors join other companies in the healthcare industry, patient and privacy advocacy organizations, law firms, and individual donors that support the Summit, co-hosted by The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin and the Patient Privacy Rights Foundation. The event is the first in a planned series of forums and coincides with ongoing efforts to expand health information technology infrastructure, including the building of a national infrastructure to enable the electronic exchange of patient data, which will have important privacy and security implications. For agenda and registration information, visit:

"We, as organizers of this conference, along with Patient Privacy Rights, are pleased that so many leading technology companies have taken the step to support this Summit and the fostering of an open and public dialogue on health privacy," said Robert Hutchings, LBJ School dean.