Topic: Affordable housing

Smoking Ban in Federal Housing is a Bad Idea

Nov. 24, 2015
No Smoking Sign

The Department of Housing and Urban Development's prposal of a smoking ban in federal housing will only add to the barriers many people face in finding secure housing.  Simply put, if the rule goes through, the restrictions could make it more difficult for those in public housing to maintain housing stability, and their quality of life would suffer. It’s a losing situation.

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Ending Homelessness Means More Affordable Housing

Nov. 20, 2015
Money House

More cities across the country are trying to address the problem of homelessness through ordinances that criminalize life-sustaining activities such as sleeping, eating and even sitting on the street. This is wrong and does nothing to address the problem. If we are serious about ending homelessness and not just managing the problem, we must create more opportunities for permanent housing.

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Texas Must Do More to Create Inclusive Affordable Housing

April 9, 2015
Texas Must Do More to Create Inclusive Affordable Housing

The largest metro areas in Texas now lead the nation in terms of economic segregation. This is bad for Texas and our children.

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The big question in sustainable development

Sept. 21, 2011
Steven A. Moore

Architecture Professor Steven Moore says affordable housing not only provides places for people to live, but can also contribute to climate protection.

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Experts for Earth Day: Researchers Offer Environmental Perspectives

April 14, 2011

Earth Day will be celebrated on Friday, April 22. Faculty experts from The University of Texas at Austin are available to discuss their research on topics ranging from the building of sustainable communities to plant ecology and environmental policies.

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