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UTFI produces first all-student feature film

Aug. 25, 2008
Drew Daniels and Travis Krumm set up a shot for a scene in "Dance with the One." Daniels is a senior Radio-TV-Film

The University of Texas Film Institute (UTFI) began filming its first all-student feature film, "Dance with the One," this summer with the help of more than 40 students from six schools across campus. This is the first film being produced through UTFI's Feature Film Lab, a two-year, five-semester non-profit program designed to train University of Texas at Austin students in all phases of professional feature filmmaking.

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University of Texas Film Institute Starts Production on First All-Student Feature Film "Dance with the One"

May 29, 2008

The University of Texas Film Institute (UTFI) will make its first feature-length film "Dance with the One" this summer. Pre-production is set to begin on June 5 and principal photography will begin on July 7.

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