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University of Texas-led Team Discovers Unusual Multi-Planet Solar System With NASA's Kepler Spacecraft

Oct. 4, 2011

A team of researchers led by Bill Cochran of The University of Texas at Austin has used NASA's Kepler space telescope to discover an unusual multiple-planet system containing a super-Earth and two Neptune-sized planets orbiting in resonance with each other. They will announce the find today in Nantes, France at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society's Division of Planetary Science Conference. The research will be published in a special Kepler issue of The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series in November.

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Texas Astronomers Aid Kepler Mission's Discovery of New Planets

Jan. 4, 2010

Kepler mission astronomers, including co-investigator Bill Cochran of The University of Texas at Austin, announced today the spaceborne telescope has found five new gas giant planets orbiting close to Sun-like stars.

Kepler spacecraft with distant solar system
The Kepler spacecraft with distant solar system. Image: NASA
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University of Texas at Austin Astronomer Is Co-Investigator in Search for Earth-Like Planets

March 5, 2009

University of Texas at Austin astronomer Bill Cochran is one of the leading scientists involved in searching 100,000 nearby stars in our Milky Way galaxy for planets like Earth as part of NASA's Kepler mission launching tomorrow (March 6).

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McDonald Observatory

Nov. 15, 2007

Follow along with a group of Texas teachers as they look to the stars at the world-renowned astronomical research center.

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Astronomers Discover Sun's Twin at McDonald Observatory

Nov. 9, 2007

Peruvian astronomers Jorge Melendez of The Australian National University and Ivan Ramirez of The University of Texas at Austin have discovered the best “solar twin” to date, using the 2.7-meter Harlan J. Smith Telescope at McDonald Observatory. Their findings suggest that the Sun’s chemical composition is not unique, as some previously thought.

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