Topic: Fiscal policy

Texas Lawmakers Should Use Evidence-Based Policy More Often

Sept. 2, 2015
Texas Capitol with Flags

Texas is not yet part of the movement for evidence-based policy, but it should be. Until the state makes better use of evidence, it will throw good money after bad at failing programs, while programs with greater potential languish in obscurity.

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University Experts Available for Analysis of U.S. Debt Ceiling and Deficit Situation Issues

July 29, 2011

The United States is expected to hit its debt ceiling on or near Aug. 2 and no deal is in place from Congress to raise the debt ceiling. Economics experts in and out of government have said that if we reach Aug. 2 without having passed legislation to raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. will at worst default on its $1.3 trillion debt and likely will have to stop funding government expenditures.

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