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On “Monopoly’s” 80th Birthday, How the Internet Ruined It

Nov. 4, 2015
Monopoly Board Game with Money

Nov. 5 marks the 80th anniversary of Parker Brothers’ “Monopoly” board game. Yet we are at a point in history when traditional board games are being replaced with consoles, tablets and virtual reality. The lessons of capitalism taught in “Monopoly” are being used to replace an aging form of entertainment. Despite all the technological advancements, simple board games had the ability to captivate a family in the home. It’s a shame that this does not happen more often nowadays.

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University of Texas at Austin Partners with Video Game Executives to Create Denius-Sams Gaming Academy

May 14, 2013

The University of Texas at Austin has partnered with video game industry leaders Warren Spector and Paul Sams to create the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy, the first video game program in the United States led and taught by gaming industry executives.

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