Topic: Jackson School of Geosciences

Earthquakes in Western Solomon Islands Have Long History

June 30, 2015
UTIG researcher

Researchers have found that parts of the western Solomon Islands, a region thought to be free of large earthquakes until an 8.1 magnitude quake devastated the area in 2007, have a long history of big seismic events.

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Rain and Research: Longhorns Working with Weather

June 22, 2015
Students posed for pictures by the UT Tower during breaks from the rain at the 2015 commencement ceremonies.

UT Austin researchers are making the most of a rainy spring in Central Texas. Learn how Longhorns are working with the weather. 

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Antarctica Radar to Scour Europa for Life-Supporting Environ

June 1, 2015

Ice-penetrating radar technology developed by The University of Texas at Austin Institute for Geophysics will be used to scan Europa to look for environments that could sustain life.

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New Forecast Should Improve Texas Summer Drought Prediction

May 21, 2015
Texas summer rain forecast 2015

A new forecast created by UT Austin and the Texas Water Development Board should better predict summer droughts in Texas. The forecast shows a rainy summer across the state.


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Powering the Future: Why UT Is The Energy University

April 14, 2015
oil derrick in the foreground with wind turbines in the background

We expect energy to be ever-present, but it has to come from somewhere. Learn how UT researchers working in energy-related fields will help keep energy flowing into the future.

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