Topic: José Reyes Ferriz

Confessions of a violent border town

April 22, 2010
Students hold up signs in protest.

After three years of gangland warfare and more than 5,000 murders, the mayor of Ciudad Juárez, Jose Reyes Ferriz, talks openly about the struggle to combat drug violence and police corruption in Mexico.

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Juárez Mayor Reyes Ferriz to Speak at Forum on Mexico and U.S. Border Violence, April 12

April 6, 2010

Event: "Ciudad Juárez: Caught in the Crossfire"

When: Monday, April 12, 2:30 p.m.

Where: Santa Rita Room, Texas Union, 3.502

Background: A panel will discuss the wave of violence that has affected Ciudad Juárez and the impact it has for citizen security on both sides of the U.S. and Mexico border.

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