Topic: Polarization

Half of Texans Prefer Faith Over Science, According to UT/Texas Tribune Poll

Nov. 2, 2012

About half of Texas voters believe faith is a better guide than scientific evidence on most important questions, according to a recent University of Texas at Austin/Texas Tribune poll. According to the poll, which surveyed Texans on a wide range of attitudes related to science and public policy, a similar proportion of voters said that "instinct and gut reactions" are just as good as the advice of scientists in most cases.

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UT Political Scientists Analyze 2008 Election

Nov. 11, 2008

Event: Nationally recognized political scientists Daron Shaw and Sean Theriault will host the "2008 Post-Election Panel" to analyze the results of last week's historic elections.

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Political scientist debunks three common myths about American voters

Aug. 29, 2008

A Red and Blue Nation?: High voter turnout helps the Democrats. Late-deciders vote for the challenger. Political polarization has left the American electorate deeply divided between "red" and "blue" states. Right? Wrong.

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