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With $2.4 Million Grant, Researchers to Decode Geranium's Evolutionary Mysteries

Oct. 25, 2010

Botany researcher Dr. Robert Jansen and his colleagues have received a four-year, $2.4 million grant from the Plant Genome Program of the National Science Foundation to investigate the genomes of the geranium plant and 15 related species.

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Scientists map the evolutionary relationships for all life on the planet

March 3, 2008

In the beginning

Ed Theriot’s contributions to the Assembling the Tree of Life (AToL) project—“the story of life on Earth, in a nutshell”—often begin pretty humbly.

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Tree of Life for Flowering Plants Reveals Relationships Among Major Groups

Nov. 27, 2007

The evolutionary Tree of Life for flowering plants has been revealed using the largest collection of genomic data of these plants to date, report scientists from The University of Texas at Austin and University of Florida.

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