Topic: Survivorship

University of Texas at Austin Course, First in Nation, Blends Fields of Social Work and Oncology

Dec. 17, 2009

University of Texas at Austin students are learning how to help cancer patients and their families with issues of stress, coping, grief and survivorship through a new course bringing together the fields of social work and oncology, the first academic class of its kind in the nation.

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Holocaust survivors' testimonials shed light on our ability to recover after traumatic experiences, researcher finds

April 20, 2009

Forgiveness Illuminated: A University of Texas at Austin scholar tries to capture what is behind one of the most impressive human qualities--the ability to pull yourself together and bounce back after grave setbacks and major crises. It doesn't get grimmer than enduring and surviving the Holocaust, so that's where Dr. Roberta Greene went to glean insights into resilience, forgiveness and survivorship.

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