Topic: Texas Center for High-Intensity Laser Science

Particle Accelerator That Can Fit on a Tabletop Opens New Chapter for Science Research

June 20, 2013

laser plasma acceleratorPhysicists at The University of Texas at Austin have built a tabletop particle accelerator that can generate energies and speeds previously reached only by major facilities that are hundreds of meters long and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build.

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Professors put a human touch on extreme time scales -- from the very long to the ultra-short

Sept. 13, 2010

We measure our days in slices of time.

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Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to Speak Aug. 28 at Dedication, Demonstration of World's Most Powerful Laser

Aug. 25, 2008

Event: U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) and University of Texas at Austin President William Powers Jr., will dedicate the Texas Petawatt Laser on Thursday. Scientists will demonstrate aspects of the laser during the event. The Tower will be lit orange during the evening to commemorate this event.

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Most Powerful Laser in the World Fires Up at The University of Texas at Austin

April 8, 2008

The Texas Petawatt laser reached greater than one petawatt of laser power on Monday morning, March 31, making it the highest powered laser in the world, Todd Ditmire, a physicist at The University of Texas at Austin, said.

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