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David Douglas Duncan Dies at 102. His Photos Live On.

June 8, 2018
David Douglas Duncan

For decades, Americans at home and abroad learned of world events as they unfolded before Duncan’s camera. His archive at the Harry Ransom Center is a testament to his life's work.

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Ransom Center Awards 45 Fellowships

May 22, 2018
Scholars conducting research at the Harry Ransom Center. Photo by Pete Smith.

The Harry Ransom Center awards 45 fellowships.

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Data Privacy and “Second Order Consent” Need Regulation

April 26, 2018
Social Media

As users, Facebook has consent to share information, but what about giving consent on behalf of others?

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Student Fashion Show Will Spotlight Sustainable Clothing

April 23, 2018
Models display garments at The University of Texas Student Fashion Show

The University of Texas Student Fashion Show, Dimension, will take place April 26, 2018. 

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Watch Your Step: How Vision Leads Locomotion

April 23, 2018

Using new technologies to track how vision guides foot placement, UT Austin researchers come one step closer in determining what is going on in the brain while we walk.

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