Business and Economy

Tax Reform Polices Will Hurt Texas Universities and Students

Dec. 20, 2017
UT Austin

Endowments are a critical source of student financial aid. This added tax will only hurt that. 

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The Solution to America's Energy Waste Problem

Dec. 19, 2017
Power Lines

We waste too much energy. More electrictification is the answer. 

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This is why we still struggle to give the perfect gift

Dec. 18, 2017
gift just for you

McCombs researcher Susan M. Broniarczyk explains why registries and wish lists don’t actually make it easier to shop for those you care about.

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Media Companies’ Quest for Profit Will Limit Access

Dec. 15, 2017

The FCC’s actions kill any claim for a right to be informed and a right to create. 

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Shared Autonomous Vehicles Have Uncertain Effects

Dec. 14, 2017
Driverless Vehicles

Policies should be enacted that contribute to, rather than impede, emission reduction efforts.

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