David Douglas Duncan Dies at 102. His Photos Live On.

June 8, 2018
David Douglas Duncan

For decades, Americans at home and abroad learned of world events as they unfolded before Duncan’s camera. His archive at the Harry Ransom Center is a testament to his life's work.

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Waller Creek Finds a Place in the Sun

June 7, 2018
Waller Creek Cleanup

Waller Creek — the corridor that enlivens UT Austin just east of the original Forty Acres — is gaining center stage.

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How Much SPF Do You Need In Your Sunscreen?

June 6, 2018
UT Austin

Summer is here, and that means spending time in the sun. Ade Adamson, assistant professor of dermatology at Dell Medical School, explains what you need to know about sun protection.

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How a UT Senior Became the Star of 2018 Election Forecasting

June 5, 2018
Election Map 2018

G. Elliott Morris: If you watch Twitter on election nights, you know the name.

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We Put these 2018 Summer Movies to the Test

June 5, 2018

Summer blockbuster season is here, and an impressive crop of films feature science concepts. We sat down with scientists at UT Austin to find out how close to reality the movie magic really is.

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