Health and Wellness

Hogg Foundation announces grants for mental health research and service

June 21, 1999

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, a unit of The University of Texas at Austin, has announced the commitment of $770,851 in grants for mental health research and service projects in Texas for the second quarter of 1999.

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Volunteers needed for special NIH health study on exercise

June 16, 1999

Forget those television ads featuring svelte personal trainers hawking the latest suburban gym chain. Dr. Bob Spina, a UT Austin exercise physiologist, has a better nine-month offer, and it's free.

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UT Austin graduate balances academic, athletic endeavors by planning 'everything but sleep'Note to Editors: For photos, call 512/471-6412

May 17, 1999

She wanted to play college volleyball and she wanted to be an engineer. They said she'd never get it all done. As a mechanical engineer, her dad knew the demands of the degree. He worried his overachieving daughter had finally bit off more than she could chew. Along with her high school teachers and college professors, all discouraged her. The curriculum is too difficult and college sports are too demanding, they said.

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University Health Services offers information about alcohol use in conjunction with National Alcohol Screening Day on Thursday (April 8)

April 5, 1999

Why can some people handle more alcohol than others?

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University Health Services offers education on 'Spring Break Survival Skills'

March 4, 1999

Avoiding and caring for poison ivy. Keeping picnics healthy. Bicycling safety. Staying awake while driving. Helping a friend who's had too much to drink. Making sex safer. Avoiding sunburn. Preventing and treating "tourista" (traveler's diarrhea).

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