Science and Technology

UT Engineers Develop First Method for Controlling Nanomotors

Sept. 18, 2018

In a breakthrough for nanotechnology, engineers at UT have developed the first method for selecting and switching the mechanical motion of nanomotors.

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UT Scientists Aid NASA Satellite Mission

Sept. 14, 2018

Scientists from UT's Applied Research Laboratories aid NASA's latest satellite mission.

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Amid Climate Change, Hope Can Help Inspire Change

Sept. 12, 2018
Climate Change

Hope can help inspire real solutions to climate change. 

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Galactic “Wind” Stifling Star Formation is Most Distant Seen

Sept. 6, 2018
galaxy wind

For the first time, a powerful “wind” of molecules has been detected in a galaxy 12 billion light-years away, showing how the earliest galaxies regulated the birth of stars to keep from blowing themselves apart.

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Your Co-Workers are Computers

Sept. 5, 2018
AI Robot Workers

AI is expected to bring major changes to society, and the workplace is no exception.

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