Science and Technology

Salty Subglacial Lakes Could Help in Search for Life

April 12, 2018
Devon Ice Cap

Researchers from the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) have helped discover the first subglacial lakes ever found in the Canadian High Arctic. 


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New Director of No. 1 Ranked Computational Institute

April 10, 2018
Karen E. Willcox, director of the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences

Karen E. Willcox, co-director of MIT's Center for Computational Engineering, to lead UT's Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences.

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Breakthrough In HIV Research

April 9, 2018
Lymphoid Tissue

New study finds some immune cells act differently in HIV-infected patients in healthy individuals, a discovery moving us one step closer to understanding how the virus works.

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Border Wall Would Kill, Change the Environment

April 9, 2018
Border Wall

Erecting a wall would block crucial migration pathways and destroy habitats.

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Water Purification Breakthrough Uses Sunlight and Hydrogels

April 3, 2018
'Hierarchically-Nanostructured Gel' Vapor Generator

The ability to create clean, safe drinking water using only natural levels of sunlight and inexpensive gel technology could be at hand, thanks to an innovation in water purification.

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