Science and Technology

Students Pitch Business Ideas at Longhorn Startup Demo Days

May 2, 2018
Student demonstrates a prototype at Longhorn Startup Demo Day

Longhorn Startup Demo Day, where student entrepreneurs pitch their startup business ideas to the community, is May 3. 

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The Conservative Case for Combating Climate Change

May 1, 2018
Climate Change

It’s time for conservatives to recognize our constitutional mandate to battle climate change. 

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Rangers from Across the Country Look to the Stars in Texas

April 27, 2018
McDonald Observatory Night Sky

Where do park rangers from across the country go to learn about one of our greatest natural resources – the night sky? They go to the McDonald Observatory in West Texas.

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Why This Summer Might Be a Test for the Texas Electric Grid

April 27, 2018
Power line

There is a change happening with energy. Should we be concerned about it? Maybe, maybe not. 

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Hydrogen-Fueled UPS Vehicle Produces Zero Emissions

April 26, 2018
UPS Hydrogren Truck

The substitution of a small combustible engine with a hydrogen fuel cell allows the vehicle to travel much farther without refueling while producing nothing other than pure water in the process.

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