Science and Technology

Texas women in UT study learn keys to improving their quality of life while coping with multiple sclerosis

Aug. 25, 1998

People who live with multiple sclerosis and other chronic conditions can improve their quality of life in a variety of ways, but experts agree there is a major need for more education on the subject.

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Electrochemist named 1998 Pauling Award Medalist

July 7, 1998

Professor Allen J. Bard, known for his pioneering work in electroanalytical chemistry, will receive the 1998 Pauling Award at ceremonies on Saturday, Nov. 21, 1998, at the University of Washington in Seattle. A scientific symposium, "Frontiers of Electrochemistry," precedes the gold medal presentation.

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Engineer's imaging of blood vessels could aid laser treatment

June 18, 1998

People seeking to remove a disfiguring "port wine stain" skin condition may someday thank a doctoral student recently graduated from The University of Texas at Austin for a more effective treatment. Jennifer Barton, a biomedical engineer, discovered a way to view and measure tiny blood vessels using a new imaging technique. Her efforts received international attention last year from the International Society for Optical Engineering.

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IC2 Institute appoints new director and announcesnew head of its Austin Technology Incubator

June 12, 1998

Dr. Robert Ronstadt, a professor of entrepreneurship at Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business & Management, has been named director of The IC2 Institute at The University of Texas at Austin, and Dr. Johan S. Gervais, executive director of the Corridor Business Incubator (CBI) in San Marcos, was chosen to direct the institute's Austin Technology Incubator (ATI).

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Middle school girls, teachers to participatein summer engineering program at UT Austin

June 8, 1998

This summer, 80 middle school girls and teachers will solve an engineering problem at The University of Texas at Austin. Although their solution will only take model form, in the process, these creative students and their teachers will learn that girls have futures as engineers.

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