Science and Technology

UT Austin researchers discover ways to disable enzyme that may be key to cancer growth

Sept. 20, 1999

In a nightmare version of eternal life, cancer cells continue to divide, reproducing themselves endlessly until the patient dies. The growth of tumors is aided by an enzyme called telomerase, which repairs the ends of chromosomes in cancer cells in a way not possible with most normal tissue.

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International Conference on Technological Policy and Innovation opens Monday at LBJ School

Aug. 27, 1999

Representatives of 34 nations are expected to attend the 3rd International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation, Monday (Aug. 30) through Thursday (Sept. 2) at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs.

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Big bird flies again -- from ceiling of Texas Memorial Museum

Aug. 20, 1999

The replica is made by putting a soft latex jacket around fossilized pieces to make a mold. The mold is later filled with epoxy or fiberglass. The first cast of the piece of fossil becomes the master cast and is saved, because it will last longer than the mold.

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UT Austin engineers' report shows household appliances contribute to indoor air pollution

July 6, 1999

Environmental engineers at The University of Texas at Austin have documented that showers and dishwashers contribute to indoor air pollution.

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UT Austin civil engineering professor finds sport utility vehicles less safe than cars

July 1, 1999

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), the middle-class status symbol of the 1990s, are not as safe as most people think they are, according to research by a University of Texas at Austin civil engineering professor.

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