Science and Technology

UT professor studies influence of cultural factors in complex fields such as aviation, medicine

April 13, 1999

In 1990, a Colombian jetliner ran out of fuel and crashed on approach to International Airport in New York. The crash investigation showed that cultural factors were a key cause of the fatal accident.

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Austin traffic woes can't be solved, just controlled

April 9, 1999

University of Texas civil engineering professor Dr. Randy Machemehl has spent his career studying traffic congestion in Texas cities. And he has one thought for those who yearn for the time decades ago when traffic was not an issue. Machemehl's thought: it will never be that way again.

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UT scientists formulate theory to slow speed of light

April 7, 1999

A team of University of Texas scientists has devised a theory that it believes when put into action will slow the speed of light from 186,000 miles per second to a crawl.

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CIT celebrates Project QUEST's 15th year with Technology Showcase

April 6, 1999

The Center for Instructional Technologies at The University of Texas at Austin is throwing a birthday party for its flagship incentive program, Project QUEST, with a special Technology Showcase Wednesday through Friday (April 7¬9).

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Researchers find more evidence that ears behave differently in lesbians, heterosexual women

April 1, 1999

Building on findings announced a year ago, a University of Texas at Austin research team has uncovered additional evidence that the inner ears of lesbians and bisexual women behave differently from those of heterosexual women.

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