Science and Technology

Middle school girls, teachers to participatein summer engineering program at UT Austin

June 8, 1998

This summer, 80 middle school girls and teachers will solve an engineering problem at The University of Texas at Austin. Although their solution will only take model form, in the process, these creative students and their teachers will learn that girls have futures as engineers.

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NASA scientists confirm existence of new kind of star -- predicted six years ago by UT Austin and Chapell Hill astronomers

May 19, 1998

Six years ago, two astronomers predicted the existence of a new kind of star in the Universe æ a star with a tremendously strong magnetic field, hundreds of times stronger than generally thought attainable. Dr. Robert Duncan of The University of Texas at Austin and Dr. Christopher Thompson of the University of North Carolina at Chapell Hill predicted that such stars, which they called "magnetars," can become so strongly magnetized that magnetism itself heats them and powers bursts of gamma rays.

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UT Austin receives gift from Exxon Educational Foundation

May 14, 1998

The Exxon Education Foundation's 1998 Educational Matching Gift check in the amount of $367,972.08 was recently presented to The University of Texas at Austin by Charles W. Matthews, vice president and general counsel for Exxon Corp. The check represents the foundation's three-to-one match of 261 employee, retiree, surviving spouse and director gifts to UT Austin.

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UT Austin research on liability insurance

May 13, 1998

Two researchers from The University of Texas at Austin, whose research on the impact of tort reforms on the liability insurance market is expected to provide $170 million in additional savings for Texas consumers during 1998, have been awarded the Central Texas Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (A.S.P.A.)'s James W. McGrew Award for Public Policy Research.

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Eickmann will lead construction industry's research collaborative

May 12, 1998

Lt. Gen. Kenneth Eickmann, whose leadership accomplishments include having led the federal rescue and recovery efforts following the 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City's Alfred P. Murrah Building, has been chosen to be director of the Construction Industry Institute at The University of Texas at Austin effective June 1.

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