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Routine archeology turns exciting for UT Austin field school in Belize

July 8, 1997

An ancient Maya burial tomb has been unexpectedly uncovered by a University of Texas at Austin team of archeologists participating in a summer field school in the rain forest of northwestern Belize. The group had been researching agriculture and population movements among the Maya and was doing limited excavation work when team members made the discovery.The tomb, located in the ancient city of Dos Hombres, currently is being unearthed, although heavy rains have slowed the progress. According to Dr. Fred Valdez, a UT Austin associate professor of anthropology and director of the Programme for Belize Archeological Project (PfBAP), the tomb dates to the Early Classic (AD 250-600) period.

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UT students cross disciplines in an effort to enhance the teaching of science profession

June 19, 1997

Students are studying each other at The University of Texas at Austin. University students participating in a new sociology course this spring formed a market research firm and embarked upon a semester-long investigation of trends in teaching interests among students enrolled in the natural sciences. The topic of research was provided by the "client" for the semester - the College of Natural Sciences.

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