Topic: Department of Nutritional Sciences

UT Austin Offers Online Master’s Degree in Nutrition

July 3, 2017
Girl with apples

A new online Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences, launching in the fall 2017 semester, will provide a rigorous education to working professionals.

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Starving Prostate Cancer With What You Eat for Dinner

June 6, 2017

New research from The University of Texas at Austin identifies several natural compounds found in food, including turmeric, apple peels and red grapes, as key ingredients that could thwart the growth of prostate cancer.

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Researchers to Bring School Gardens to Austin-Area Schools

Feb. 29, 2016
Children in Los Angeles participated in a 12-week gardening, nutrition and cooking program

Elementary school students in Austin will grow their own fruits and vegetables, learn about nutrition and cook their own food in a study designed to improve health and reduce obesity.

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Food+City to Award $50K at Startup Competition-Showcase Day

Feb. 3, 2016
2015 competition finalists

The Second Annual Food+City Challenge Prize Showcase Day will be presented by Food+City.

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Red Wine Component Can Undo Some of the Harm Done by Poor Diet, Researchers Find

Dec. 17, 2013

For the first time, researchers have demonstrated that resveratrol which is abundantly available in red wine and also found in grapes, peanuts and berries can ease some of the negative effects on the immune system caused by a diet high in fat.

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