Topic: Electricity

Shared Autonomous Vehicles Have Uncertain Effects

Dec. 14, 2017
Driverless Vehicles

Policies should be enacted that contribute to, rather than impede, emission reduction efforts.

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The Business Model for Electric Utilities is Ending

June 7, 2017
Power Lines

Due to a variety of factors, the traditional business model for investor-owned electric utilities, such as TXU or Reliant Energy, is in trouble.

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Surprising Early Results from the Nation's Deepest Research on Consumer Electricity Use

June 4, 2012

Event: The Austin Forum on Science, Technology and Society will host "The Smart Grid Unveiled: How Pecan Street's Big Data Research is Uncovering the Promise of a Customer-Driven Energy Revolution" presented by Brewster

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Oil and governance

April 23, 2012
Oil and governance

With dissatisfaction about U.S. energy policies on the rise, university experts explain how much control the U.S. government really has over gas prices.

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Here comes the sun

July 12, 2011
Solar panels at the J. J. Pickle Research Campus.

A new solar power system generating energy at the Pickle Research Campus is significant for its size and location and that it's an innovative teaching tool.

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