Topic: Fish

Oil Causes Coral Reef Fish to Make Bad Decisions

July 17, 2017

How just a few drops of oil can endanger fish and the coral reefs they call home.

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Spying on Fish Love Calls to Prevent Overfishing

June 13, 2017
Scientists Spy on Fish Mating Calls

Marine scientists have discovered a way to use the incredibly loud, distinctive sounds fish make when they gather to spawn--not to catch them, but to protect them.

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Outnumbered and on Others’ Turf, Misfits Sometimes Thrive

May 31, 2017
Stickleback Fish From a Stream and a Lake

A long-held prediction in evolutionary theory, that misfits are losers, doesn't always hold.

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Clever Fish Keep Cool

Oct. 5, 2016
The blue-green damselfish, Chromis viridis

Coral reef fish, who are capable of adapting to warmer temperatures due to global climate change, will probably opt instead to relocate to cooler waters.

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Rare, Blind Catfish Discovered in Texas

June 17, 2016
Mexican blindcats - Prietella phreatophila

An extremely rare eyeless catfish species previously known to exist only in Mexico has been discovered in Texas.

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