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UT Austin Biochemistry Professor Touts Low-Cost Technology for Diagnosing Ourselves

March 25, 2013

Andrew Ellington will describe how new biotechnology will improve health care on a global scale during the final 'Hot Science Cool Talks' lecture of spring 2013.

Event: "Hot Science Cool Talks" lecture featuring Andrew Ellington, professor of biochemistry

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Lack of Key Enzyme in the Metabolism of Folic Acid Leads to Birth Defects

Jan. 17, 2013

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have discovered that the lack of a critical enzyme in the folic acid metabolic pathway leads to neural tube birth defects in developing embryos.

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Imaging Research Center Opens, Bringing New Level of Neuroscience Research to The University of Texas at Austin

May 16, 2012

The University of Texas at Austin's Imaging Research Center (IRC) opened last week, ushering in a new set of research capacities for neuroscience and cancer research at the university.

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LBJ School to Host Conference on Medicare

April 25, 2008

Event: "LBJ Centennial Conference: Medicare: Past, Present, and Future," a conference on Medicare featuring keynote addresses by Peter Orszag and Mark B. McClellan, followed by a panel discussion with other policy makers and healthcare experts.

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Saliva Can Help Diagnose Heart Attack, Study Shows

April 16, 2008

Early diagnosis of a heart attack may now be possible using only a few drops of saliva and a new nano-bio-chip, a multi-institutional team led by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin reported at a recent meeting of the American Association for Dental Research.

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