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East Antarctic Ice Sheet Has History of Instability

Dec. 13, 2017

The East Antarctic Ice Sheet may not be as stable as it seems.

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Scientists Map Movement of Greenland Ice Sheet Over Time

Feb. 4, 2016
Jakobshavn Isbræ glacier

Scientists have created the first map that shows how the Greenland Ice Sheet has moved over time.

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Scientists Cast Doubt on Theory of What Triggered Antarctic Glaciation

July 11, 2013

[caption id="attachment_41104" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Physiographic map of the present-day Scotia Sea, Drake Passage and adjacent land masses. The white arrows show the present path of the several branches of the deep Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) centered on its core. The area of study in the central Scotia Sea (CSS) is shown by the black box to the south of South Georgia island (SG). The volcano symbols mark the active South Sandwich volcanic arc (SSA). (WSS = western Scotia Sea; ESS = eastern Scotia Sea)"]Scotia Sea Today[/caption]

A team of U.S. and U.K. scientists has found geologic evidence that casts doubt on one of the conventional explanations for how Antarctica's ice sheet began forming. Ian Dalziel, research professor at The University of Texas at Austin's Institute for Geophysics and professor in the Jackson School of Geosciences, and his colleagues report the findings today in an online edition of the journal Geology.

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Scientists Image Vast Subglacial Water System Underpinning West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier

July 9, 2013

In a development that will help predict potential sea level rise from the Antarctic ice sheet, scientists from The University of Texas at Austin's Institute for Geophysics have used an innovation in radar analysis to accurately image the vast subglacial water system under West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier. They have detected a swamp-like canal system beneath the ice that is several times as large as Florida's Everglades.

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Planetary Scientists Solve 40-Year-Old Mysteries of Mars' Northern Ice Cap

May 26, 2010

Scientists have reconstructed the formation of two curious features in the northern ice cap of Mars -- a chasm larger than the Grand Canyon and a series of spiral troughs -- solving a pair of mysteries dating back four decades while finding new evidence of climate change on Mars.

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