Topic: Politicians

Tax Reform Polices Will Hurt Texas Universities and Students

Dec. 20, 2017
UT Austin

Endowments are a critical source of student financial aid. This added tax will only hurt that. 

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Tax Bill Offers School Choice to Those Who Already Have It

Dec. 18, 2017

Congress seems to not want to make private schooling more equitable. 

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Texans Lose After Lawmakers Defund Minority Health Office

Dec. 1, 2017
Latino Family

If the state doesn’t invest in proactive programs, Texans will bear the cost later. 

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Does the Filibuster Still Serve Our Country Well?

Sept. 18, 2017

Why should Americans respect a process that gives a minority of senators the ability to block legislation?

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Party Politics, Not Public Demand, Drove Special Session

Sept. 1, 2017
Texas Capitol

If the special session and its agenda wasn’t the result of public demand, what explains it?  

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