Topic: Racism

What To Do About Blacks Leaving White Churches

May 17, 2018

If this pattern is ever going to change, white churches have to acknowledge racial history. 

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Irrational Fears is the New Breed of Racism

May 15, 2018

People can enact their personal fears into state-sanctioned consequences. 

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Can We Really Trust Starbucks to Take on Racism?

April 20, 2018

Only time will tell if what Starbucks is doing will make a differnce.

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More Universities Need Anti-Hate Policies

Aug. 31, 2017
Hate Speech

Without ensuring safe and open dialogue, marginalized students will live in constant fear.

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How Trump’s Comments May Actually Help Race Relations

Aug. 28, 2017
Mixed Hands

One bright spot that has emerged is that Trump’s words have propelled the topic intot the spotlight. 

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