McCombs in Wall Street Journal

Attention liberal-arts majors: You too can get an M.B.A. That's the message Harvard Business School wants to send with a program launching today. Called 2+2, the initiative allows college students to lock in a spot in Harvard's M.B.A. program by the end of their junior year. In addition to Harvard, many other business schools have been making efforts to attract more diverse M.B.A. applicants by targeting undergrads. For example, McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin has been running a deferred-admissions program for three years. Senior undergrads are paired with six large employers that agree to subsidize the cost of the M.B.A. program for qualified applicants. Admits are expected to work at the companies for two to three years after they graduate and before they can start classes.

The Wall Street Journal
Harvard Aims to Widen M.B.A. Pool: Undergrads Taking Liberal Arts Sought
(Sept. 13)