Behind the Scenes of UT Austin's Vast Insect Collection

Insects Unlocked: Orchid Bee
March 19, 2018

Alex Wild is not only an entomologist, he is also a skilled photographer. He has merged his two passions to bring UT’s vast insect collection out of the vaults and into the public eye.

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Augmenting Scientific Inquiry with Augmented Reality

Simulated rotating cylinder of a plasma's charge density
March 15, 2018

UT researchers develop new visualization tools to explore fusion physics.

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UT Computer Science Adding Ethics Courses to Curriculum

March 12, 2018

Computer science students are being asked to go beyond coding and engineering. Their department wants them to graduate with an understanding of ethics as well.

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Students Create a Low-Cost Solution for Babies with Jaundice

March 8, 2018

UT Students competing in the Engineering World Health's Design Competition develop a low-cost incubator for babies with jaundice.

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Texas Primary Elections: What They Are and Why They Matter

Texas flag
March 5, 2018

Texas holds primary elections tomorrow. Here's what you need to know about them, according to Jim Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project and UT/Texas Tribune Poll.

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This Longhorn is Ready for Gold at 2018 Winter Paralympics

Jen Lee 2018 Paralympic Winter Games
Feb. 26, 2018

Returning to reclaim the gold medal for the U.S. sled hockey team will be Texas Longhorn Jen Lee.

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