Professor in Atlanta newspaper

When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowed earlier this week to block former Solicitor General Theodore Olson from becoming attorney general, speculation swirled anew over who President Bush would tap to replace Alberto Gonzales. On nearly every short list is Larry Thompson, a former deputy attorney general with deep ties to Atlanta's legal and civic circles, who has sent signals that he is not interested in returning to the Justice Department. Despite his apparent lack of interest, political analysts say that it is difficult to say no to a president, particularly one facing a crisis like that is engulfing the Justice Department. "It's hard to turn down a president or a situation where you could be told that the country needs your service," said Bruce Buchanan, professor of government at the University of Texas in Austin. "They are looking for a Mr. Clean or Ms. Clean --- someone who can reassure and restore the reputation at the Justice Department."

The Atlanta Journal - Constitution
Rejection of Others May Spur Bush to Ask Former U.S. Attorney Thompson to Replace Gonzales. But Would He Want the Job?
(Sept. 14)