University to showcase film work at festival

Burnt Orange Productions, a movie production company that partners with The University of Texas at Austin Film Institute (UTFI) to enhance film students' education, will present four films at the inaugural Lone Star International Film Festival, Nov. 7-11, in Fort Worth, Texas.

The three principal members of Burnt Orange Productions, President Tom Schatz who is also executive director of the University of Texas Film Institute, founding President and Chief Executive Officer Carolyn Pfeiffer and Chief Financial Officer Sam Marshall will attend the festival to present the films. Each film will be represented by talent associated with the film, including directors, writers and actors.

"This is the first time our four films have been shown together and we are absolutely delighted," Pfeiffer said.

The films are:

"The Quiet," directed by Jamie Babbit, written by Micah Schraft and Abdi Nazemian, starring Elisha Cuthbert, Camilla Belle, Edie Falco, Martin Donovan and Shawn Ashmore. It was acquired by ScreenGems International and released in North America by Sony Pictures Classics in fall 2006. Fifty-one interns worked on the film.

"The Cassidy Kids," directed by Jacob Vaughan, written by Tasca Shadix, Tom Willett and Bryan Poyser, starring Kadeem Hardison, Anne Ramsay, Judah Friedlander and Tiger Darrow, which premiered at the 2006 South by Southwest Film Festival. Sixty-three interns worked on the film.

"Homo Erectus," written and directed by Adam Rifkin, starring Rifkin, Ali Larter, Hayes MacArthur, David Carradine, Gary Busey, Carol Alt and Talia Shire, which premiered at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival and is being distributed worldwide by National Lampoon in spring 2008. Forty-five interns worked on the project.

"Elvis and Anabelle," written and directed by Will Geiger, starring Max Minghella, Blake Lively, Joe Mantegna, Keith Carradine and Mary Steenburgen, which premiered at the 2007 South by Southwest Film Festival. Fifty-four interns worked on the project.

Established in 2003, UTFI is committed to a new model of film education. UTFI provides specialized skill training, fosters individual and collaborative creative growth, and serves as a testing ground for the application of emerging film technologies. Based in the College of Communication, it operates in association with the Department of Radio-Television-Film.

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